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Are you in the market for the best smart locks? Is it a little bit daunting choosing the best smart lock for your home? In this guide, we researched and shortlisted some of the best smart locks available today.


1. August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi smart lock makes it possible to remotely lock or unlock your door. You can give temporary or permanent access to others using the app. It easily connects to your existing deadbolt and is easy to install. Its built-in wi-fi allows the smart lock to work with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. You can also monitor the coming in and going out of your home thanks to the app.







         What We Like:

  • Easy To Install
  • Works Remotely
  • Compatible With Voice Assistants














2. eufy Security Smart Lock Touch

The eufy smart lock touch features a smart fingerprint door lock that unlocks the door after it recognizes your fingerprint. It can be remotely controlled using its app or you can also use the keys. Its sensor detects when the door is closed and locks it automatically.  The eufy smart lock is durable with its zinc alloy and stainless steel frame. It is built to withstand the weather with its IP65 ratings. Its app also makes it easy to monitor your home.







           What We Like:

  • Works Remotely
  • Fingerprint Detectable
  • Durable












3. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen

The Yale Assure allows you to remotely unlock and lock your door without the need for keys. This smart lock secures the door once it is closed or after a set period of time. You can easily grant temporary or permanent access to friends and family without using keys. This smart lock is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and many more. With the app, you can monitor who comes in and goes out of your home.







            What We Like:

  • Works Remotely
  • Compatible With Alexa and Google Assistant









4. Schlage BE489WB Smart Lock

The Schlage BE489WB allows you to remotely monitor and manage your home using its app. It senses security breaches at the lock with its built-in alarm technology. It is easy to install and compatible with Alexa. You can grant temporary or permanent access to friends and family using the Schlage app.







             What We Like:

  • Works Remotely
  • Easy To Install
  • Compatible With Alexa
  • Provides Up To 100 Access Codes







5. Kwikset 99380-002 Smart Lock

The Kwikset 99380-002 allows you to monitor and operate the smart lock remotely using its app. You can grant access to family and friends remotely using up to 250 codes. An additional layer of security allows you to protect against advanced break-ins and allows you to re-key your lock in seconds thanks to its Smartkey security. You also get notifications about the entry and exit activity of your home with the Kwikset app. This smart lock is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.







               What We Like:

  • Works Remotely
  • Provides Up To 250 Access Codes
  • SmartKey Security Feature
  • Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible






6. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

The Sifely smart lock allows you to manage access to your home remotely. It has 5 ways to access your home including fingerprint, codes, fob, smartphone, and key. Although this smart door lock is ideal for your home, it can also be used for short-term rental properties, rental property management, and more.







             What We Like:

  • Works Remotely
  • Multiple Ways To Unlock









7. ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro

The ULTRALOQ smart lock is a 6-in-1 keyless smart lock. You can monitor access to your home using its app and grant access to friends and family. It locks your home when you leave and unlocks it when you arrive thereby giving you keyless access. You can also use your fingerprint to unlock your home with its 360 degrees live fingerprint ID feature.

It has the capacity to store up to 100 fingerprints and up to 50 customizable 4-8 digit codes for backup. The ULTRALOQ smart lock is durable and IP65 rated to withstand weather extremes.








             What We Like:

  • Works Remotely
  • 6-in-1 Keyless Smart Lock
  • 360 Degree Live FIngerprint Feature








8. SMONET Smart Lock

The SMONET smart lock is a 5-in-1 smart lock. You can unlock your door using fingerprint, passcode, TTLock app, IC Card, and the key. Using the Smonet Gateway (sold separately), you can unlock and lock remotely. Its auto-lock feature locks your home up 5 seconds after you unlock it so there is no need to worry if you lock the door when you left. It is durable with its zinc alloy material and also easy to install.







            What We Like:

  • 5-in-1 Smart Lock
  • Works Remotely
  • Durable







What To Look For In A Smart Lock?

1. Battery Life

The battery life is another factor to consider when choosing a smart lock. Smart locks either work with alkaline batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion cells. Regardless of the type of battery, they all run low at some point with usage. Some smart locks are designed to give alerts when the battery is low. Although this is not one of the most important factors, you should still learn about the battery life and determine the one that will best serve you.






2. Alternate Entry Options

Wi-fi and Bluetooth are not 100% reliable. This fact has led manufacturers to design smart locks with a number of options to enter your home with the smart lock. Some are fingerprint, passcode, physical key, and fob. When choosing a smart lock, get to know what are the alternate entry options that are available with the smart lock.







3. Auto Lock/Unlock

Some smart locks are designed to automatically unlock when you are within a certain distance from it and lock after a period of time after you have left your home. This auto-lock/unlock feature comes in handy when you are carrying items in your hand and approaching the door. When you are choosing a smart lock, this is an important feature to consider.








4. Guest Keys

Another important feature to consider when choosing a smart lock is the ability to assign guest keys. This allows you to assign guest keys to friends and family for a period of time to access your home. This feature is also useful for short-term rentals like Airbnb properties.








5. Weatherproof Rating

Another important feature to consider when choosing a smart lock is its weatherproof rating. Most are IP65 rated for the weather. This makes them durable and capable to withstand the elements.







6. ANSI Rating

The American National Standards Institute & Builders Association has 3 standard lock designations that rate the robustness and security against picking, bumping or other physical attacks. These lock designations are grades 1 to 3. Grade 1 is the strongest and is usually used for commercial applications. Grade 2 is usually used for residential locks and Grade 3 is a secondary lock to supplement a Grade 1 or 2 lock.








7. Voice Control

Most smart locks are designed to be compatible with voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and many others. This allows you to control the smart lock with your voice. When you consider a smart lock, you might want to verify that it is compatible with voice control devices.








8. Home Automation

Smart home devices are designed with a hub for sending out signals. This allows you to remotely control and monitor the device. It is hard to find smart devices today that don’t have some home automation capability. However, when you are choosing a smart lock, this is one feature you should look for.








9. Smartphone Compatibility

Another important feature to consider when choosing a smart lock is its compatibility with your smartphone. Almost all smart locks are designed today to be compatible with smartphones.








10. One-Touch Lock

Another important feature to consider is the one-touch feature. This allows you to walk up to the lock and touch it. this action allows it to unlock as long as you have the corresponding keychain or if it is synchronized with your smartphone.








Types of Smart Locks

1. Keypad & Combination Smart Locks

Keypad smart locks require a pin code to unlock the door. They are easy to install and allow you to assign different codes for different individuals. Keypad smart locks are ideal for short-term rentals like Airbnb and other rental properties.







2. Keyless & Wireless Smart Locks

Keyless and wireless smart locks use a wi-fi connection to unlock and lock your door remotely. Many have an app that you can use to access your home remotely.







3. Fob Enabled Smart Lock

A Fob smart lock uses a key-fob that you physically have with you; it doesn’t need a smartphone. It usually just requires a physical touch to open the door.







4. Fingerprint & Biometric Smart Locks

A fingerprint or biometric smart lock uses a fingerprint to grant you access to your home. If you buy a fingerprint or biometric smart lock, get one that has a keypad or mechanical lock just in case it doesn’t read your fingerprint, you can still enter your home using the key or the keypad.




Can smart locks be hacked?
Smart locks are really small computers and all computers, regardless of size, are susceptible to being hacked.
Is a smart lock a good idea?
Smart locks provide enhanced safety and convenience for your home especially when it is integrated into a home security system.
What are the disadvantages of smart locks?
Smart locks are susceptible to hackers and they are costly.
What is the difference between a smart lock and an electronic lock?
Smart locks give you the ability to monitor from anywhere in the world with its app. Electronic locks don’t have that capability. Both smart and electronic locks have the same locking mechanism.














The Bottom Line

Smart locks have become a mainstay for homes today. They not only provide security but also a level of convenience. In this guide, we discussed some of the best smart locks on the market today to help you choose the best smart lock for your needs. Our recommendation for a smart lock is the August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Lock even though any of the smart locks we reviewed is a good choice.