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Are you searching for the best paint sprayers for your projects? In this guide, we researched and shortlisted the best paint sprayers on the market today. We hope this guide will help you in your search for the best paint sprayer for your projects.


1. REXBETI Paint Sprayer

The REXBETI paint sprayer can be used to paint chairs, tables, shutters, and any wood furniture. It features 3 spray patterns horizontal, vertical and circular patterns. You can easily adjust the flow rate anytime with the flow control knob.

This paint sprayer features a flow rate of 750ml/min, a container capacity of 100ml, and a max viscosity of 70 DIN-s. It features an ergonomic design with a soft handle. It is also lightweight and has a long cord that lets you move freely while you get the job done.






          What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • Flow Rate of 750ml/min
  • Max Viscosity of 70 DIN-s
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Flow Control








2. Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Paint Sprayer

The Wagner spray tech 0518050 features three spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and round. You can easily adjust the flow rate to increase or decrease the output. It can be used to spray furniture, small decks, trims, fences, patios, cabinets, and many other projects.

The Wagner Spraytech 0518050 utilizes a two-stage, indoor/outdoor air turbine to provide a smooth and fine finish to your projects. You can spray 1/2 inch to 9 inch wide patterns and up to 4.9 fl. oz. with this paint sprayer.






           What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 2 Stage Air Turbine
  • Adjustable Flow Control








3. HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight C800971 is a self-contained spraying unit with no need for a compressor. It can be used on fences, decks, cabinets, and many other furniture. It features three spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and round. The amount of material being sprayed can be controlled with its flow control knob. It features 3 brass spray tips that provide superior performance to plastic ones.






           What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 3 Brass Spray Tips
  • Adjustable Flow Control








4. Graco Magnum 257025 Paint Sprayer

The Graco Magnum 257025 can be used on projects like doors, cabinets, fences, decks, patios, trim, and many other small projects. This paint sprayer features a steel piston pump that allows you to spray paint unthinned at high pressure.

With its ability to support up to 50 ft. of paint hose, this paint sprayer allows you to access hard-to-reach areas. You have control of the painting project with its fully adjustable pressure.




           What We Like:

  • Adjustable Flow Control
  • Spray Paint Unthinned
  • Fast & Easy Cleanup
  • Easy To Store








5. YATTICH Paint Sprayer

The YATTICH paint sprayer has three spray patterns: horizontal, vertical, and circular. It also has 5 copper nozzle sizes (1.2mm/ 1.5mm/ 1.8mm/ 2.5mm/ 3.0mm) for projects like cars, fences, decks, chairs, furniture, and many other small projects.

You can easily control the output by adjusting the flow control knob. This paint sprayer also features double-layer insulation materials. It is also designed with a rear foam pad that prevents the paint from flowing backward, blocks the nozzle, and makes the spray more uniform.







              What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 5 Copper Nozzle Sizes
  • Maximum Flow Rate of 1000ml/min
  • Adjustable Flow Control








6. Scuddles Paint Sprayer

The Scuddles paint sprayer can be used for many small projects like painting fences, siding, decks, walls, doors, and more. It features three spray patterns like horizontal, circular and vertical.

The Scuddles paint sprayer features three nozzle sizes including 1.8mm, 2.2mm, and 2.6mm. The 1.8mm and the 2.2mm nozzles are great for thinner paints sealers and varnishes while the 2.6mm nozzle is ideal for spraying latex paint, chalk-type paint, or any thicker paint.

This paint sprayer provides a clean spray pattern thereby creating a smooth and superior finish with 1200 Watts of power. It is lightweight and has a long power cord that allows you to work from almost anywhere.






              What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 5 Nozzle Sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Flow Control







7. AOBEN Paint Sprayer

The AOBEN paint sprayer features 3 spray patterns including vertical, horizontal, and circular that make it easy to choose the best spray pattern for every project. It also has 4 nozzle sizes (1.5mm/1.8mm/2.2 mm/2.6mm). You can control the material output with the control valve knob. This paint sprayer is easy to use and clean.







           What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 4 Nozzle Sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Clean
  • Adjustable Flow Control









8. NoCry Paint Sprayer

The NoCry paint sprayer has 3 spray patterns such as the horizontal, vertical, and circular that making it easy to select the most appropriate pattern for each project. This paint sprayer also features 4 color-coded nozzle tips including 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, and 7/64 inches. It is a powerful paint sprayer with a 600W motor.

With a max flow rate of 1200ml/min and viscosity up to 100DIN/sec, you can complete your projects with a fine and smooth finish with the NoCry paint sprayer. It can be used on walls, fences, decks, floors, cabinets, and many other small projects.







           What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 4 Nozzle Sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Max Flow Rate of 1200ml/min
  • The viscosity of 100DIN/sec
  • Adjustable Flow Control








9. Wagner 0529010 FLEXiO 590 Paint Sprayer

The Wagner FLEXiO 590 applies a superior finish on indoor and outdoor projects like walls, fences, cabinets, trim, decks, and more. With 10 speed settings, you can very easily adjust the flow of material and thereby achieve precise control to have an excellent finish.

It features 3 spray patterns including horizontal, vertical, and wide/narrow. The FLEXiO 590 has an X-boost turbine that provides the power to spray the unthinned interior and exterior paints and stains. It adjusts for coating speed.







             What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 10 Speed Settings
  • X-Boost Turbine
  • Adjustable Flow Control










10. NEU MASTER Paint Sprayer

The NEU MASTER paint sprayer has 3 spray patterns such as horizontal, vertical, and circular. It also features 3 nozzle sizes (2.5mm/3.0mm/2.0mm). With its adjustable flow control knob, you can regulate the amount of material that comes out. This paint sprayer has a viscosity of 60 DIN-s maximum.







            What We Like:

  • 3 Spray Patterns
  • 3 Nozzle Sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Advanced Spraying Technology
  • Adjustable Flow Control
  • Detachable & Easy to Clean









What To Look For In A Paint Sprayer?

1. Power

The more power the paint spray has the more work it can do. The power is measured in Watts and when you choose a paint sprayer, pay attention to the power ratings to find out how much power it generates. Small home projects don’t require as much power as larger projects do.







2. Flow Control

Most paint sprayers are designed with an adjustable knob that controls the flow of material. This control mechanism helps to produce a good finish to your projects.






3. Spray Patterns

The number of spray patterns is another factor to consider when choosing a paint sprayer. The different patterns allow you to choose the most appropriate spray pattern for each project. It helps you get the best result with the project. Most paint sprayers have 3 spray patterns including horizontal, vertical, and circular.






4. Nozzle Size

The nozzle size is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing a paint sprayer. The size of the nozzle determines which nozzle can be used for spraying thick or thin coating materials. There are paint sprayers with 3 or 4 nozzle sizes.








5. Flow Rate

The flow rate of the sprayer is another important factor of the sprayer. It indicates how much paint flows at a given period of time. The flow rate is measured in milliliters per minute and you can find paint sprayers with flow rates ranging from 1000ml/min up to 1300ml/min.








6. Volume Capacity

The volume capacity gives you an indication of how durable the painter is. It is measured in milliliters and usually ranges up to thousands of milliliters.







7. Viscosity

Viscosity is the flow property of a fluid. It is considered low when the fluid is thin and high when it is thick. It is measured in DIN/sec.







8. Weight & Length

Most paint sprayers are lightweight which makes them easy to use as they weigh a few pounds. They also are designed with a long cord which allows you to almost work anywhere.








Types of Paint Sprayer

1. Airless Paint Sprayer

The airless sprayer pumps out paint at a very high pressure to evenly coat the surface. They also handle thicker paint better than compressed air or high-volume pressure sprayers. Airless sprayers don’t need compressed air as they pump the paint from a container through a hose directly to a spray gun. You can use airless sprayers for fences, decks, trims, and man other small projects.








2. Pneumatic Air Sprayer

Pneumatic air sprayers use compressed air to paint a surface, unlike an airless sprayer. Pneumatic sprayers produce a smooth and even finish. They do emit more overspray than other sprayers.







3. HVLP Sprayers

HVLP sprayers use air to get the paint through a nozzle. They are very efficient and waste less paint as compared to other sprayers. They create a smooth finish as the paint travels slower resulting in more droplets sticking to the surface. They are more expensive than other sprayers and are ideal for interior projects like cabinets, doors, molding, decks, and more.







4. Gravity Feed

Gravity-feed sprayers are ideal for painting a car as they produce a fine finish. Its paint feed reservoir rests above the sprayer and aids in pressure distribution.










Paint Sprayer Safety

1. Never forget to wear gloves. The pressure from the airless sprayer can break your skin and get paint toxins in. Never touch the paint with your bare hands. Wash your hands after the project is completed even if you wore gloves.




2. Always wear protective goggles. You want to protect your eyes from the painted plume and also from the bounceback.




3. Always wear a face mask. You don’t want your lungs to get contaminated with fumes and atomized spray.




4. Always spray in a well-ventilated area. Keep windows and doors open.



5. Always read the manufacturer’s instruction guide before using the sprayer.



6. Take your time to do your spray job. Working hastily is the result of many spray accidents.




7. Make sure to cover everything in the vicinity of the project.





8. Never paint on windy days.




9. Always keep paint far away from any form of heat. Don’t ever smoke where you’re using a paint sprayer.








Paint Sprayer Accessories

1. Sprayer Joint

The sprayer joint is used to connect the hose to the sprayer and prevent knots.






2. Paint Sprayer Maintenance Kit

The maintenance kit is used to clean and maintain your paint sprayer.






3. Sprayer Hose

Sprayer hose used to connect the paint sprayer.



What kind of paint sprayer do professional painters use?
Professional painters have gravitated to airless paint sprayers mainly because of the higher quality of finish they provide.
What are the 4 types of paint sprayers?
The main types of paint sprayers are airless, compressed air, and HVLP.
What is the difference between an airless and an air paint sprayer?
Air paint sprayers deliver a high-quality finish but don’t have a good transfer efficiency rate. Airless sprayers have a higher transfer efficiency and is used for protective coatings.











The Bottom Line

Paint sprayers are very important to complete your home projects as well as large projects. In this guide, we reviewed some of the best paint sprayers to help you in choosing the right one for your projects. Our recommendation for a paint sprayer is the Wagner Spraytech 0518050 Paint Sprayer.